Abstract 413

Confronting Shameful Shadows of Learning

Roundtable Discussion:  Janice Valdez, Margaret McKeon, Diana Ihnatovych, Kyle Stooshnov

Session F | 11:50- 12:30 | Location: Room 308


The full range of human emotional experiences are part of engaging a full spectrum of thought in knowledge creation. Suppressing, denying and numbing feelings are not effective strategies for authentic communication that fosters trust and safe spaces for learning, and yet these are common occurrences during and in response to learning, both as students and as emerging teachers. How can arts-based inquiry create spaces that allow or block conversations with students about the socially stigmatized emotions of fear, shame, blame, and anger? A panel composed of graduate students from disciplines of arts-based inquiry practices explore this question with participants after a brief sharing of poetry and performed art that will frame questions for the roundtable conversations.

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