Call For Proposals

The 2020 IOP Conference Call for Proposals is now OPEN!

Proposal submission deadline extended to March 9, 2020!

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When organizing IOP, the committee has a limited number of rooms and often more applications to present than can be accommodated. The varying formats (presentations, roundtables, posters) and time allocations provide the committee with some flexibility to maximize the number of proposals accepted. Please consider which format best suits your needs but also indicate whether others are acceptable should the committee not be able to meet your first choice.

IOP is intended to foster dialogue and discourse. In order to do that, we request that presenters limit their delivery and allow time for discussion. All sessions will be chaired and the Chair will enforce time limits. If you submit a proposal to IOP, the assumption is that you have accepted the time limits for presentation outlined below.

In the spirit of IOP, if you are chosen to present your work at the conference, we hope that you will also attend other presentations offered at the conference.

We suggest that all those who present their work at the conference provide a simple one-page summary of their work for distribution at the conference (20 copies should suffice).

  • We want challenging, relevant, interactive presentations that showcase how you have been investigating some dimension of teaching practice.
  • Session time should be divided equally between provoking discussion by providing access to your understandings, and providing opportunity for others to discuss your conclusions.
  • Individual presentations are allotted 20 minutes. The formal aspect of the presentation (e.g., PowerPoint) should last for a maximum of 10 minutes, with 10 minutes for discussion.
  • Panel/group presentations are allotted 40 minutes. The formal aspect of the presentation (e.g., PowerPoint) should last for a maximum of 20 minutes, with 20 minutes for discussion.
  • Proposals:  maximum of 200 words.

Guiding Questions

Suggested guiding questions to be addressed in your proposal:

1. What is the practice that you are investigating?

2. What are the questions concerning this practice that you addressed in your investigation?

3. How did you investigate this practice?

4. What did you learn about this practice from your investigation?

5. What is the significance of what you learned?

6. How is this topic relevant to those attending the Investigating Our Practice conference?

  • You have a critical question you would like to discuss with other practitioners and you are willing to initiate and moderate a conversation, perhaps based on your own experience or research.
  • IOP roundtables are intended to encourage sharing and networking among participants interested in a specific theme or issue. Roundtables are not intended to include lengthy or formal presentations. The idea is to introduce a topic briefly and informally — and then to invite participants to share what they may be doing and thinking in relation to that topic.
  • For example, a presenter could introduce a topic by raising one or two questions and/or providing some background information on a one-page handout. The introduction should last no longer than five minutes, leaving 15 minutes for conversation.
  • The poster format is ideal for the visual presentation of research results, a program of research or research activities of a group.
  • Poster sessions will be organized in two 15-minute time slots, where presenters are available to answer questions.
  • For information on creating an effective poster, visit: