Abstract 229

Science Creativity Literacy Symposium: Impact on Students’ Perceptions of Science and Creativity

Presentation by:  Latika Raisinghani, Janice Valdez, Tathali Urueta-Ortiz, David Ng, Marie-Claire Shanahan

Session F | 11:50 – 12:30 | Room 201


Students often perceive science as a purely factual subject missing the important place of creativity and imagination in scientific work. Such misconceptions can alienate them, hindering their enjoyment and engagement in science. In this interpretive case study we investigate the impact of a one-day Science Creativity Literacy Symposium (SCLS) on elementary school students’ perceptions of science and creativity. The symposium is a field trip program offered at the Michael Smith Laboratories at the University of British Columbia, and is designed to provide an engaging outreach experience for students. The intent is to combine elements of science exploration with expository creative writing to develop skills in written literacy, scientific literacy, as well as develop appreciation of the connection between science and creativity. The study involved pre and post surveys and informal direct observation of students during their participation in the SCLS as well as focus group interviews with selected students after 2-3 weeks of their participation in the SCLS. The preliminary analysis of data reveals that even though participation in SCLS may seem like a “fun, field trip,” such experiences create opportunities for “doing” science in an exploratory ingenious manner and impart positive and creative image of science among diverse students. The study also provides insights that can be utilized to make such engagements more robust and meaningful in wider Canadian and other international contexts that value promoting creative aspects of science.

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