Abstract 441

Teaching between the Lines: Social and Emotional Learning in the Curriculum

Presentation:  Meaghan Storey

Session C | 10:05 – 10:45 | Location: Room 1328


Social and Emotional Learning (SEL) is now established as an essential component of students’ academic achievement, mental health, and life success as evidenced in the research and the new BC curriculum. My investigation delved into how teachers can purposefully embed SEL into regular curriculum to enhance rather than interrupt other learning objectives. Working with teachers in two grade nine English Language Arts classes, I sought to highlight and connect SEL topics including perspective, empathy, and self-­‐regulation skills through literature. This investigation revealed that English is a natural fit for SEL and that, given the resources, information, and support, teachers are primed to facilitate SEL in their own classrooms. This is significant considering research has identified that classroom teachers are the best and most effective people to facilitate SEL but that many report feeling ill-­‐equipped to do so. This session will extend the investigation engaging participants in a collaborative discussion of how to build teacher confidence in this area. Participants will also be prompted to reflect and identify additional opportunities within their existing teaching practices to purposefully embed SEL.
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