Abstract 421

Bringing Bob Ross & Brené Brown Into the Classroom: How Intentional Creativity in the Learning Environment Can Enhance the New Curriculum

Panel or Group Presentation:  Barbara Smith, Danae Hodgins

Session F | 11:50- 12:30 | Location: Room 310


We’re investigating the impact of incorporating creativity into activities and assignments impacts exploration and development of skills, theories, and self. Given the need for creativity and “agility” in the classroom, the workplace, and interpersonal and intrapersonal relationships, we’re asking how does fostering creativity in educational settings impact student engagement in critical thinking, content knowledge, and social/emotional competencies such as empathy. We are also considering how creativity may impact self-reflexivity and personal and professional growth (happy little trees!). Data has been collected in UBC courses that students, including K-12 teachers, complete when pursuing post baccalaureate training in guidance and/or in preparation for graduate work counselling psychology, and in an alternative classroom in District 34. Several layers of investigation were involved, from the educator and the learner perspective including the use of visual journaling as well as post-course exit interviews (n=19) using a modified Enhanced Critical Incident Technique approach to identify themes regarding how creativity was helpful and how it hindered learning in the post-secondary environment. Intentional incorporation of creativity provided opportunities for learners to challenge perspectives, to interact personally with the course material on a deeper level, to connect theory to practice, to discover and generate meaning, to build community, and to transfer and apply learning to other educational settings among other benefits will be discussed. Challenges and obstacles will also be addressed. Additionally, we will share our lived experiences both as the educator and as the learner in how we approached assigning, evaluating, and providing feedback on projects as well as the experiences of creating the assignments and receiving the feedback. Samples of projects will be shown. The activities discussed can be adopted and adapted to foster student ownership and engagement, enhance discovery and learning about self and connection to content, enhance formative and summative assessment of learning, and promote personal and professional growth of students and educators.

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