Abstract 415

Using Digital Tools to Teach Climate Change in Grade 9-12 Classrooms

Presentation:  Jenalee Kluttz

Session E | 11:05 – 11:45 | Location: Room 1328


The Collaborative for Advanced Landscape Planning (CALP) is currently working to develop digital tools and accompanying teacher’s guides to help students learn about climate change. Specifically, the research team is working to develop place-based and alternative reality video games where students immerse themselves in a fun, real-life setting, while learning how their choices, and the choices of their communities, are connected to climate change. CALP is interested in how these games and other digital tools may help promote learning through interactive exploration. The team is also exploring how big, interdisciplinary issues like climate change fit within the new B.C. curriculum.

This presentation and discussion will appeal to teachers who are interested in innovative ways to teach climate change or are curious how they might better address socio-environmental issues such as climate change and sustainability in the classroom. During the presentation, teachers will explore new digital tools and discuss teacher resources developed to help teach climate change and sustainability. Teachers can expect to participate in discussion about what works and what does not when using digital tools for teaching and walk away with resources related to climate change science as well as strategies and materials that can be used in the classroom.
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