Abstract 409

How to Find and Help Struggling High School Students: A Remedial Approach to Intervention with Upper-Year Students

Panel or Group Presentation:  Michèle Pellan Cheng, Sonja Saqui

Session C | 10:25 – 10:35 | Location: Room 310


Contrary to resources available for elementary school students, there is little research and practice on how to help high school students who continue to struggle with remedial education (specifically, in reading, writing, and mathematics). One approach to help identify and intervene with these students is through the Response-to-Intervention (RtI) theory, which is a school-wide implemented three-tier model designed to best distribute available resources to students in need. Through universal screeners, students are identified as benefiting from “core instruction”, or requiring “targeted” or “intensive” interventions. While RtI is often discussed within the context of elementary schools, the availability and effectiveness of RtI for high school students is not as well known. The purpose of this session is three-fold: (1) to describe the predominant RtI research for high school students; (2) to cement the foundations of RtI with practical applications for high school teachers; and (3) to provide resources for teachers and staff members to learn how to build universal screeners and develop interventions that incorporate practical and efficient evidence-based strategies for high school students.

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